Our Values

Health and Genetics

We are members of the National Beagle Club, which sets the conformation and health standards for Beagles in the US.  


We follow their guidelines on health and genetic testing.  We use the Embark DNA Panel, which tests for over 200+ health conditions.  We also track all our offspring for any signs of genetic type issues. 

We are proud members of AKC’s “Bred with H.E.A.R.T” program, which requires these health measures, ongoing education, accountability and responsibility. 


Rest assured you are getting the healthiest Beagle Pup as possible

Simply Healthier Beagles


All our Beagles are AKC registered.  AKC has the highest fidelity of any registry in the US.  The only way a Beagle can be AKC Registered is through parantage, all the way back to 1885.


We actively participate in AKC Conformation Show competitions and have finished many Champions and Grand Champions. Some are highly ranked for Beagles in the US. Showing enables us to better understand the structure and validate our lines as top quality.

Our pups typically have 75% or greater AKC Conformance Champions in their bloodlines. The higher the Conformation/ Championship, the better looking the Beagle.

Simply Beautiful Beagles


Good temperament starts with genetics, then is shaped at an early age (3 days) till they are 4 months old.  Quality solicitation, if missed, can never be reclaimed. 


The socialization program, Avidog,  we use is best in class.  We offer early neurological stimulation and early scent detection. 


These make for a better mannered and well adjusted Beagles when they go to their new homes. 

We can also perform temperament testing giving additional comfort you are getting the right puppy for your family.

Simply Better Mannered Beagles


Love and Care

Our Beagle pups are born, then raised and live in our house as a part of our family till they are old enough to run with our other Beagles. 

Our Beagles run in large yards, which span across 10 acres.  We also have 50 acres fenced for them, allowing them to run free.

Beagles are natural pack animals, keeping them kenneled is against our philosophy of Beagle ownership.

In these yards they live in packs, which helps satisfy their need for social engagement, exercise, and of course the Beagle curiosity.  We have a lot of Happy Beagles

Simply Happier Beagles


Beagle Community

We believe raising Beagles has its responsibility beyond those we raise.  We feel it incumbent for us to give back and care for Beagles that are not so fortunate. 

We actively contribute to the local DFW Beagle Buddies Rescue and AMBRN a National Relief Network. 

We also participate with the Beagle Freedom Project  and Let Love Live Rescue, rescuing and fostering Beagles who did not have a home throughout North Texas. 

Our Guiding principle is best encapsulated in this phrase;

"This little pup didn't choose to come into this world, we made that decision for him.  It is our responsibility to ensure they have a loving caring home for their entire life"

Simply for Beagles


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Simply Better Beagles

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