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Top 5 Best Bars In Denver

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Going to Denver means you're already in for a blast - and that also includes its vibrant nightlife! Whether you enjoy fun and crowded clubs where you can show off your dance moves, sports bars for superior viewing and drinking experience while rooting for your favorite team, or laid-back pubs with really good drinks and a cool vibe, Denver has unique local bars to go with your tastes.

Here are the five best bars you can check out on your next visit to Denver:

Death & Co Denver

(720) 3302660

Nothing perfects your Denver trip like Death & Co Denver! This bar is a Coloradan offshoot of the New York cocktail bar offering a sophisticated space for specialty drinks, showing off signature drinks, delicious assortments of bar foods, and friendly locals anyone can get along with. Stop by at 1280 25th St, Denver, CO 80205, United States for a Denver experience you just can't miss out on.

P S Lounge

(303) 3201200

Much like their expertly blended drinks and must-try dishes, P S Lounge brings together new and original style with classic tastes. It's a Dark, tchotchke-filled, cash-only bar known for handing out roses & free shots to diverse clientele, appealing to both young and young-at-heart groups alike. Pop in at 3416 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80206, United States and live it up with a fun night out!

Union Lodge No.1

(720) 3890447

Local patrons and enthusiastic tourists have been coming down to Union Lodge No.1 for many years, enjoying its relaxed and welcoming ambience-- along with its great selection of drinks, of course! Found in the heart of Denver at 1543 Champa St, Denver, CO 80202, United States, it gives you the exceptional feel of Denver life while making you feel as though you're among long-time buddies.

Star Bar

(720) 3282420

With cool music, tasty bites, great beer, and refreshing cocktails, Star Bar is Denver's hidden gem! This bar is a Enduring pub (since 1959) featuring a robust beer & spirits lineup, plus a back patio & Skee-Ball. Visit Star Bar at 2137 Larimer St, Denver, CO 80205, United States for a good ol' time during your vacation. There's no better place to kick back and let your hair down!

Whiskey Bar

(303) 2970303

The party spirit is alive and well in Whiskey Bar! As one of Denver's most lively spots, this bar is Comfy Coors Field-area bar with an array of whiskey (& non-whiskey) choices plus foosball & pool. For live performances from local music acts or even popular guests, special events, and amazing drinks for all kinds of tastes, swing by 2203 Larimer St, Denver, CO 80205, United States!

Nothing captures the soul and story of Denver like its local bars. So make your next experience memorable by stopping by and enjoying the good food, great drinks, and new friends - giving you anecdotes from Denver that you'll be talking about for a lifetime!

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