About Us

We (Dennis and Kim) have been married for over 35 years.  We have been blessed with three outstanding young sons with wonderful wives and families of their own.   We live on a small 100 acre farmstead, which makes for a wonderful place for our family, and of course our Beagles.


We have always had dogs in our home since we married.  20 years ago, our middle son Mark wanted a dog and we got our first Beagle, Lacie and we immediately feel in love with the breed.  We loved her curious, playful, and social temperament.  Unfortunately, Lacie passed a few years ago, but her spirit lives on in our hearts and our farm.

Dennis has worked in IT Management and Engineering in Semiconductor Manufacturing for over 25 years.  We are very fortunate to have adapted many quality and operational processes from his professional experiences into our kennel.   


Finally, we are committed to preserving the Purebred Beagle. 

We do this through good health, quality pedigrees, outstanding

temperament, and raising them with love and care.

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As you come to our Farm, you will be greeted with a sign of Texas with our address.  Welcome to KanD Acres, Home of K9Kompanions.

Welcome to KanD Acres

Once you turn up our driveway, you will see an old barn, which was part of the original homestead (I wonder if they raised Beagles?).  Across the pond is our home.

        At KanD Acres

This is the "Beagle Barn", where most of our Beagle's stay.  It connects to our front yard, almost an acre, giving our Beags a spacious place to run.

        The Beagle Barn

This is our main yard, which most Beagles run.  It is almost an acre and spans across the front of our house and the pond.  It offers outstanding vistas for our Beagles viewing.

               Our Yards

When the Beagles aren't in the yard, we let them run wild around the farm.  This is exciting to see them play and explore.

         Running the Farm