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We offer based on our Wait list, which is currently around 1-2 months.

    For your information:

1) When pups are available, we offer selection by date order of wait list
2) Our pups typically range in price between $1,800 and $2,800 depending on quality of conformation. 
Conformation is how well they conform to the Beagle Standard.  The better the conformation, the better looking the Beagle.
3) Pups will be available to go to their adoptive homes no sooner than 8-9 weeks after they are born.
4) We do Health testing per the; AKC (American Kennel Club), NBC (National Beagle Club)
5) Our pups typically have at a minimum ~70% AKC Champion in their lineage, often more.
6) We allow our Beags to run in packs in spacious securely fenced yards
If you are interested in being on our Waiting List, we would appreciate your information;
Beagle Pup

Address_  Whitewright, Tx 75491

Tel_  972-674-9595

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