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KanD Beagles

Contact KanD Beagles for Simply Better Beagles

 Phone:  972 674 9595

a) We offer selection first come first served by Wait List.

b) We perform extensive  Health Tracking and Testing per AKC Standards

c) Our pups typically have at a Minimum ~75% AKC Championship, often more

d) We have a Structured Socialization program for better mannered Beagles

e) Our pups typically range between $1,600 and $2,600, depending on pedigree

We can personally deliver your pup to most major airports with our Pet Delivery Service. 


Your Puppy's traveling safety and experience is our top priority.  We provide socialization specific to the sounds and experiences of their journey on our farm, allowing them to better adapt for the most pleasant flight possible.

If you are interested in being on our Waiting List, we would appreciate your information:


+1 972 674 9595

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