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KanD Beagles

KanD Beagles -
AKC Registered Puppies Available

From our Farm to your Family, we have only the Healthiest, Outstanding Pedigreed, Better Mannered Beagles raised with Love and Care. 

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KanD Beagles

A 110-acre family farmstead in North Texas, home to some truly outstanding Beagles.  The name KanD is derived from the first names of the proprietors, Kim and Dennis.  KanD Beagles operates on the commitment to the preservation of purebred Beagles.  This is achieved through a mixture of excellent health, outstanding pedigrees, and wonderful temperaments.  These features are combined and raised in an environment full of love and care, to ensure the best quality companion possible.

Spending many years in corporate manufacturing, we have integrated best-in-class quality practices throughout KanD Beagles.   Spanning from genetic testing of the parents to ensure the health of your companion, to the socialization a puppy gets days before going home to reduce stress of a change!  This ensures that you receive Simply Better Beagles.

Litter Now Available

Available Litters

Litter: Nala and Ch. Targ

Four Puppies Left:

3 Male Tri-Color

1 Male Lemon

Born 10/2/2023 (available to go home after 12/11/2023)

2019 Denton Kennel Club award for Beagle dog

Lady Nala

2022 San Jacinto Beagle Club 2022 award for Beagle dog

AKC Champion Targ

Tri Colored Beagle puppy with christmas tree behind
Tri Colored Beagle puppy with christmas tree behind
Tri Colored Beagle puppy with christmas tree behind

Litter: Deliliah and GCh Oakley

Five Puppies Left:

3 Female Tri-Color

Two Male Lemon 

One Male Tri-Color

Born 10/05/23 (Available to go home 12/10/2023)

Tri colored Beagle dog running on open field

Lady Delilah

2022 Calcasieu Kennel Club award for tri colored Beagle dog

GCh Oakley (Group Winner)

four Beagle dog puppies with Christmas decorations behind
Deliliah and Oakley (2) Male Lemon Colored_4604.jpg
Deliliah and Oakley Male Tri Colored_4577.jpg

Litter: Robin and Targ

Six Puppies

3 Male Tri-Color (1 Reserved

3 Female Tri-Color (1 Reserved)

Born 10/19/2023 (Available to go home 12/21/2023)

tri colored Beagle dog Robin with brown eyes resting on a sofa

Lady Robin

three newborn tri color Beagle puppies next to each other
Robin and Targ (3) Male Tri Colored_4892.jpg

AKC Champion Targ

Ask about our other available Beagle puppies!

(972) - 674 - 9595

Beagle Blog

Beagle Blog

Simply Better Beagles

Healthy, conforming & loved; KanD Beagles values -

Health and Genetics

We are members of the National Beagle Club, which sets the conformation and health standards for Beagles in the US.


The socialization program, Avidog,  we use is the best in class. We offer early neurological stimulation and early scent detection. 

Beagle Community

We actively contribute to the local DFW Beagle Buddies Rescue and AMBRN a National Relief Network. 

Outstanding Pedigrees

AKC has the highest fidelity of any registry in the US. A Beagle can only be AKC Registered through parentage, back in 1885.

Love and Care

Beagles are natural pack animals, keeping them kenneled is against our philosophy of Beagle ownership.

From our Farm to your Family, only the Best Beagles!

KanD Beagles - AKC Registered Beagle

What Families Say

"We had a great experience with KanD, we are very happy with our puppy, and Kim and Dennis were very kind and easy to deal with."

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