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All About Beagles: Shedding

Beagles are a highly sought-after family pet and for many good reasons! They’re undoubtedly cute, intelligent, and social when raised in a loving environment. Many times, they make excellent family pets and love activities.

But the shedding is a common concern that many current and prospective dog owners have. If you’ve never owned a beagle before, you may wonder about their shedding.

Do beagles shed a lot? How can I keep my puppy's coat as healthy as possible?

While shedding can certainly be frustrating, it doesn’t have to keep you from enjoying the best companion for your family. Learning more about it is the first step to proper preparation!

In this guide, we’ll review everything you need to know about beagle shedding and how to best prepare for it.

How Much do Beagles Shed?

Some dog breeds are heavy shedders, while others don’t shed at all - beagles fall somewhere right in the middle, as moderate seasonal shedders. In some ways, their shedding can be deceptive. They have very short fur, which may not be as noticeable as when dogs with long fur (like huskies) shed. At first glance, it can seem like they may not shed so much. However, this is not the reality. While other dogs may shed more (or have longer fur), beagles are still moderately shedding dogs. Compared to other short-hair dogs, they may even be considered heavy shedding!


For seasonal shedding dogs, the seasons of the year affect when the dogs shed. Thanks to beagles’ double coats (two layers of fur) they’re able to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This was especially important for the outdoor work that they were bred for historically.

When Beagles Shed Most

Because of their double-layer coats, beagles shed most often in the spring and winter when the amount of daylight outside and temperature drastically change. During these times, they shed off the coat from the previous season. The shedding tends to be particularly heavy in the spring, as they are shedding their (thicker) winter coats.

Not all beagles shed only in the spring and winter, though, especially those that spend a lot of time indoors. Most apartments and homes nowadays use some form of artificial lighting and heating for humans’ comfort, which can confuse animals’ bodies. It may cause them to misinterpret the season and shed outside of the typical seasons. Yes, most beagles shed in spring and winter - but if you notice that your beagle starts shedding in the middle of summer or at the beginning of autumn, for example, the indoor environment may play a role.

If you adopt a very young beagle puppy, you’ll notice that it won’t start shedding until it’s gotten a little older. Most beagle puppies are around a year old when they begin shedding. You might be wondering how to know when your beagle puppy starts shedding, but it’s actually pretty easy to tell. When a beagle is shedding, their fur becomes short, coarse, and prickly before the new coat comes in. You might be surprised to see the texture of your beagle’s coat change for the first time, but shedding is a normal part of getting older.

How to reduce Beagle Shedding

Beagles aren’t a high-maintenance breed, but if shedding is bothering you or your dog, there are steps you can take to reduce shedding in beagles. Following the tips below can help control beagle shedding! Here are a few tips that can help.


Brushing is one of the best shed-control methods. Use a solid brush to comb your beagle’s fur at least twice a week. This removes shed fur and helps their coat remain shiny by spreading out the natural oils!

We recommend using a bristle brush with stiff bristles to handle the short beagle fur. You could also opt for a Hound Glove.

Brushing outside keeps the fur out of your home. It’s an easy way to promote a healthier coat for your dog!

Deshedding Tool

Along with regular brushing, a deshedding tool can come in handy. These tools grasp and remove more fallen hair compared to a regular brush. Deshedding your dog can reduce shed hairs around your house, preventing dreaded fur clumps.

The best option is a stainless steel tool designed for shorter hair. One great option in the Furminator, it’s a short-hair de-shedding tool for medium dogs. This type of deshedder can reach through the top coat, pulling dead fur from the undercoat as well.


Bathing beagles also helps control shedding. Bathe your dog about every other week to clean its coat and remove more dead fur. The warm water and lather help to loosen the undercoat, making it easier to de-shed and brush out after.

Keep in mind that beagles are prone to skin conditions. A gentle formula, like the Burt’s Bees Dogs Oatmeal shampoo, is ideal for a gentle cleanse.

Beagle Nutrition for Reduced Shedding

If you’ve ever wanted to improve the way your own skin looks, you’ve probably not only used lotions and creams but also changed your diet and started drinking more water to ensure that you look brighter and happier. You might have also sought to minimize your stress levels - after all, who doesn’t look better when they’re happier?

What food you eat and drink, as well as your stress levels, affects the health of your skin and appearance, and the same goes for your beagle. What your beagle eats and drinks, like humans, greatly impacts how healthy its coat will be.

If your beagle regularly eats unhealthy, unwholesome food, or does not eat enough, your pet’s coat might look dull or faded. They might also shed too often if they don’t drink enough water or feel lonely or stressed in their home environment.

Let’s take a deeper look at how the water and food your pet consumes, as well as how they spend their time, affects their appearance and wellness.

Beagles, Drink Up!

You probably know that humans should drink eight cups of 8oz water per day to stay hydrated and healthy, but do you know how much water your beagle needs? Water is very important for dogs, but dogs have different water requirements than humans. Your beagle needs one ounce of water per pound of body weight every day; that adds up to about five cups of water per day.

Many people underestimate the importance of hydration when it comes to taking care of a beagle’s coat. You might be surprised to learn, though, that dehydrated skin is actually one of the most common reasons for hair loss in beagles! If you notice that your beagle is shedding too much, ensure that you provide your beagle with enough water throughout the day and encourage your beagle to drink water after walking, exercising, and eating meals.

Beagles, Eat Up!

There are a lot of factors that go into a beagle’s health and wellness, and their food source is one of them. Like all other dog breeds, beagles should eat a balanced dog food diet brand. Many owners pick up a bag of Purina or Iams off the shelves for their dogs, but these dog foods do not contain all of the ingredients and nutrition a dog needs to stay healthy.

Ensuring a proper nutritious diet is one helpful way to keep your beagle’s coat healthy and avoid excess shedding. Opt for premium ingredients, throughout your Beagle’s entire life. The best food contains all necessary omega-3 fatty acids and is high in protein. Grain-free options are also helpful to consider. To ensure the health of all of our beagles, KanD requires that new owners feed Life’s Abundance food. The premium dog food brand also provides supplements that can ensure beagles receive the necessary nutrients for joint health, heart health, immune systems, and healthy coats.

Beagle’s Wellness!

Feeding your beagle the right type of food and offering them water regularly are great ways to keep your pet happy, but taking care of your dog does not end there. You also need to ensure that your dog’s life is fulfilling and stress-free. Excess stress, isolation, or other wellness issues can impact a beagle’s overall health and shedding. A highly-stressed or anxious beagle will lose more hair, as poor wellness is one of the most common causes of hair loss in animals.

Beagles are social, active animals. They enjoy running and playing outside. Getting them the proper outdoor time and activity each day is important. Playing in the yard, daily walks, and even tasks like coming to get the mail can help keep them active and occupied.

Since beagles are social, many enjoy time around other dogs as well. If you only have one dog, it can help to set up playdates with others. Work to socialize your beagle with other dogs and people from a young age to avoid reactivity.

Visit the Vet

While beagle shedding is normal, there are times when it’s outside of the expected. If you’re trying all of the tips above and still noticing extreme shedding, or you’re worried about your beagle’s coat, then seek medical care.

Medical conditions can also cause shedding, including sunburn, infections, thyroid issues, and more. If your dog is struggling with a medical problem, their coat may reflect it. That’s why it’s important not to ignore concerns with your beagle’s shedding, especially if it changes abruptly or seems outside of place.

Beagles Shed AND Make Great Pets

The bottom line is that yes, beagles do shed! Compared to other dogs their size or with short fur, they actually shed quite a bit. Since they have a double-layered coat, they shed most often in the winter (to shed their summer coat) and spring (to shed their winter coat). But beagles that live primarily indoors may shed any time of the year.

Despite their shedding, beagles can make excellent pets! With proper maintenance, you can control and reduce shedding to be more manageable. Regular brushing, de-shedding, and bathing helps keep fur from cluttering your home. Focusing on a beagle’s wellness, like their water intake, food quality, and activity level ensures their overall health and therefore the health of their coat as well.

Of course, underlying health concerns can also impact a beagle’s coat and shedding. If you notice excessive shedding, shedding in huge clumps, or a low-quality coat, then seek veterinarian care. They can assess your beagle’s overall health and provide guidance. Addressing the health concerns will help your beagle’s quality of life and coat!

Taking care of your beagle’s health and coat is the best way to make the shedding more manageable.

Well-Bred Beagles from KanD

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We’re committed to beagle development and care, which is why we feed our beagle puppies the best quality food and require that new owners do the same. Our goal is to set the beagles and their families up for a life of health, happiness, and love. We provide endless resources for new beagle owners to take the best possible care of their dogs.

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