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Build a First Aid Kit for Your Beagle

Safety First...

First aid is important, especially for home emergencies, natural disasters, or other events with life-threatening consequences. But what about our animals? All too often, first aid for pets and puppies is overlooked. As beagle owners and lovers, we have the responsibility to ensure our puppy's safety and well-being. In an emergency, it’s crucial to have the right kit and skillset to help your beagle buddy..

Luckily, April is National Pet First Aid Month, bringing awareness to pet first aid around the world. Our goal is to use the recognition to help beagle owners learn how to handle emergency situations. The needs of different animals vary— even specific dog breeds may be more predisposed to certain types of injuries, or emergencies.

Although beagles are known to be a hardy breed, they get hurt just like any other dog. And with their reputation for having a lower pain tolerance than most, they'll let you know right away if they're hurt with a yelp or whine. When that happens it may be time to break out your first aid kit!

It’s important to have the right supplies in your Beagle First Aid Kit. Having the perfect items needed in any situation where your beagle is at risk is necessary for protecting them. No matter the situation, it is always better to be over prepared, than under prepared.

Here’s the top items to include when building your Beagle First Aid Kit:


Whether you’re dressing a beagle’s wound or treating an infection, sanitation is incredibly important. Never treat your dog’s injury with bare hands. Instead, we recommend using disposable surgical gloves. You can keep a whole box of these included in your kit. Surgical gloves are easy to find in most stores. You can find a pack of 100 on Amazon for $3.99.

Gauze or Dressing

Use gauze to dress a wound and stop bleeding. The gauze will also help protect an open wound from infection. When purchasing gauze, look for flexible, latex-free options. You can also use adhesive wrap tape and non-stick bandages in combination with gauze. Pet-friendly gauze and dressing materials are around $5.99 at many pet stores.

Cotton Balls

To dab medicine or gently clean a cut or scrape on your pup, you need cotton balls. Use them to apply antibiotic cream or to dab away any blood. Store them in a container or plastic bag to keep them sanitary. You can find cotton balls at most local general stores like Walmart, CVS, or Target for around $2 to $5.

Hydrogen Peroxide and Feeding Syringe

If your dog eats something toxic or poisonous, induce vomiting at home in an emergency with hydrogen peroxide. It’s available at Walmart for $1. Make sure the bottle you have in your kit is 3% hydrogen peroxide, and always check with your vet or poison control before administering it. Use a turkey baster as a feeding syringe, or search for one from a general store. Using the feeding syringe, you should give your dog 1 teaspoon per five pounds. For an adult beagle, this could range from 3-5 teaspoons depending on weight.

Antibiotic Ointment

Always have a microbial ointment on hand to treat and soothe any rashes, cuts, sores, dry skin, or other ailments in dogs. They're available in most pet stores for $9 to $20. Since beagles are prone to ear infections, have an antibiotic on hand for their ears. While you want to bring them to a vet for ear infection treatment, it’s good to have an ointment cream as a backup. Look for antibiotic creams containing amoxicillin, doxycycline, and cephalexin.

Saline Eye Solution

If a foreign substance gets in your dog’s eyes, you will need to flush it out. This is where the saline eye solution comes in handy. Find it in any store, or shop for pet-specific varieties at pet stores for a slightly higher price. It’s also handy for cleaning a dog’s infected eye. To use the saline solution, you will need to pry open your dog's eyelid and pour in the solution without touching the eye. To ensure the solution covers the entire eyeball, open and close your dog’s eyelids afterward. Use it in combination with tear gel as well. Artificial tear gel is used to lubricate dry eyes and lower discomfort.


Papers won’t necessarily help you handle a dog health emergency, but they’re very critical for the kit. Keep your beagle’s important health information on hand in the kit. This way, you’ll have it readily available for any professional treatment, or if someone else is watching your dog. Include your beagle’s vaccination and medical records, the vet’s contact information and address, a phone number for poison control, your contact number, and any other helpful information. Make sure it’s clearly labeled. Put the paper in a plastic bag or slip to protect it and ensure it stays readable.


Dogs can become frantic when injured or scared, and they may bite you on accident. To avoid this, make sure to include a mesh muzzle in your kit. When your dog is in distress or in pain, apply the muzzle to ensure both your and their safety.

The muzzle should be breathable, adjustable, and sized appropriately for a beagle. Along with the muzzle, include a leash so you can keep hold of your dog. Muzzles can range in price depending on the quality, but you can find a decent one on Amazon for $15.99.

Other Basics

There are many other items that belong in a first aid kit. Most of these are simple, everyday items, but in a state of panic during an emergency, it’s easy to forget them. The following supplies can help in your animal first-aid kit:

  • Scissors with a blunted tip

  • Tweezers

  • Alcohol wipes

  • Towels

  • Flashlight

  • Leash

  • Travel water bowl

  • Thermometer

  • Any medications your pup takes

In addition, to having the right supplies, learn animal CPR or the Heimlich maneuver if you don’t already know. Knowing these techniques can make a difference in an emergency, and preparation will help you stay calm. You can learn online through videos and articles, or attend a local class for certification. Research the signs and symptoms of pet health issues as well, so you know when to seek medical help. Keep in mind your beagle’s age and medical conditions when planning your first aid kit.

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