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How Much do Beagle Puppies Cost?

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

If you're looking for a pedigree puppy, you should be prepared for a large price tag, no matter the breed. The high price reflects the time and quality of care that went into producing and raising healthy and well-socialized pups. Many people wonder how much beagle puppies cost, so let's take a look at what you can expect to pay and why.

price of beagle puppies

How much do people's puppies cost?

High-quality beagle puppies typically cost between $1,500 and $2,500. Prices vary depending on a range of factors, including the region in which the breeder lives and the lineage of the pups. Those with significant championships in their lines are more expensive. The higher the conformation of a dog – that is how closely its structure and appearance conform to the beagle breed standards – the better looking it is. Pups with championship lines are therefore the best-looking beagles, and this is reflected in their price.

It is possible to find beagle puppies that cost less than $1,500 but beware of cheap pups. Low prices often reflect unscrupulous breeders who can afford to charge less because they don’t put enough time or ethics into responsible breeding. Cheap puppies are more likely to have health issues because the breeder didn't want to spend time or money getting appropriate health screening or veterinary care.

High prices reflect high standards of health

Reputable breeders perform health tests on dogs before breeding them. They track the health of parents extensively to make sure the litter they produce doesn't inherit known health problems. They also carefully track the health of the puppies from the day they're born. These tests are expensive and they take up lots of the breeder's time. The price of the puppies reflects this.

Responsible breeders also care deeply about the welfare of the mother throughout pregnancy, labor, and beyond. The price of puppies reflects veterinary costs and the costs involved in creating a comfortable, safe and healthy environment for mothers. Parents ought to be as healthy and well-socialized as their pups, and lots of time goes into keeping happy, friendly dogs.

Ethical breeders charge ethical prices

The socialization of puppies is another factor that adds to the price. Good breeders want their pups to be outgoing, curious, and friendly towards strangers. To achieve this, they must spend time with them and raise them in an environment in which they can play and learn how to interact positively with dogs and humans.

Good breeders have specialist expertise in their breed and put time and good money into creating an environment that suits the breed perfectly. When you pay a high price for a beagle pup, you can rest assured it has been raised ethically by an expert who knows exactly what it takes to bring up a well-rounded beagle. Since a good breeder is more than happy to support new owners by sharing advice and tips, you're also paying for access to their extensive knowledge.

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