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Taking Care of Beagle Puppies – A Brief Guide

Beagles were originally bred to hunt in packs, explaining their energetic nature. They are surprisingly intelligent, which makes them excellent pets. Beagle puppies are adorable, but they require regular care and maintenance to ensure they grow into healthy adult dogs. Here is a brief guide on taking care of beagle puppies...

beagle puppies care


Beagle puppies have low grooming needs and the grooming they do require is simple compared to other breeds. Here is an overview of the four most important grooming requirements for raising beagle puppies:


Beagles are generally hygienic and rare need bathing. However, you should bathe your puppy regularly, at least once weekly or whenever they get dirty when playing outside – you can expect your puppy to roll in dirt and mud once in a while.

Bathing a beagle is easy. You only need a safe brand of dog shampoo and a lot of water. Wet your beagle down thoroughly and apply the shampoo all over his or her body. You can then use a medium-bristle brush to scrub the dirt off their fur and rinse them thoroughly before drying them with a towel. Besides bathing, you should also brush your puppy’s teeth several times per week.

Trimming nails

Puppies like to scratch, and their sharp nails can pose a danger to the people, animals, and inanimate objects around them. They can hurt themselves, too. This is why it is important to trim them regularly to prevent them from growing too long. The standard schedule is once weekly, but it is recommendable to trim your puppy’s nails as soon as you observe them growing too long.

Nail trimming can be uncomfortable for puppies, so it is recommendable to get someone to help control them – you can also use distractions such as toys and treats (peanut butter usually does the trick). It can also be dangerous if you cut the blood vessels near the nails, so consulting a professional is advisable if you are inexperienced.

Trimming fur

Beagles tend to have oily and short coats, thanks to their hunting genes. The short coat makes their fur easier to manage, eliminating the need for regular trimming. Overall, you should only trim your puppy’s fur when you notice that it is too long, which can take weeks or months.

However, it is advisable to brush your puppy’s coat regularly to remove loose fur and control shedding. Beagles’ fur doesn’t grow too long, but it sheds regularly. Brushing will also help remove parasites, stimulate blood circulation, and improve their overall health.

Cleaning ears

Drooping ears are one of the defining characteristics of beagles. However, it is one of this breed’s weaknesses, as the ears can trap moisture and dirt, causing yeast infections. Signs of an ear infection in beagles include excessive scratching, foul odor, and discolored wax. It is important to check your puppy’s ears and clean them regularly.

Good luck raising your puppy!

Raising a beagle puppy takes time and work, but it is fulfilling and worth every effort. It is important to learn everything about this breed and understand your puppy’s personality to offer personalized care. It is also recommendable to consult a professional whenever faced with something that you are unsure about.

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