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What makes a good breeder?

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

Beagle puppy running in the grass

They always put the health and welfare above all for the life of the Beagle:

From the food they eat to the exercise, they get to the socialization they need. A good breeder will make sure that their Beagles are well-rounded and socialized so that they can be placed in forever homes where they will be loved and cared for properly.

They do Health Testing and Tracking of all their Beagles:

A good breeder will always do health testing on their dogs before breeding them. This is important to make sure that the puppies they produce are as healthy as possible. They will also track the health of all their dogs so that they can identify any potential problems early on.

Have a Good Pedigree (lots of Champions in lines) for better looking Beagle:

While a good beagle breeder will never produce a Beagle just for looks, they will carefully select dogs with champion pedigrees to breed in order to produce the best-looking puppies possible. A good breeder will only produce a limited number of litters each year to ensure that each pup gets the individual attention it needs.

Actively participate in conformation shows:

A beagle breeder will actively participate in conformation shows to ensure that their dogs meet the breed standard. This allows them to produce Beagles that are not only healthy and well-rounded but also conform to the desired look of the breed.

Ensure good Temperament:

A breeder of beagles will make sure that their dogs have good temperaments. This means that they are socialized well, have a good amount of energy, and are not aggressive. Good breeders will temperament test their puppies before they are placed in homes to make sure they will be a good fit for the family.

AKC Registered:

A good beagle breeder will always be AKC registered (American Kennel Club). This ensures that they are a reputable breeder and that their dogs are of the highest quality.

Maintain Highest of Ethics of breeding:

An AKC beagle breeder will always maintain the highest of ethics when it comes to breeding. This means that they will never overbreed their dogs, will always health test their dogs before breeding them, and will only place puppies in homes that they feel can provide a loving and stable home.

Committed for the life of their Beagles:

A beagle breeder will be committed to the life of their Beagles. This means that they will be there for you if you have any questions or concerns about your dog. They will also take their dogs back if you are ever unable to care for them.

They educate families on Beagle ownership:

A fully registered AKC beagle breeder will take the time to educate families on Beagle ownership. They will make sure that you understand the commitment that is required and that you are prepared for the challenges that come with owning a Beagle. They will also provide you with resources and support so that you can be the best Beagle owner possible.

They are very interested in having families see where their future pups are raised:

The Best breeders will be extremely interested in having families see them in person when possible. They want you to see where your puppy was born and raised. They want you to meet the parents of your puppy and see the conditions in which they were raised.

In summary there are many things that make a good breeder, but these are some of the most important. A good breeder will always put the health and welfare of their dogs more than anything else and will do everything they can to produce healthy, well-rounded puppies. They will also actively participate in shows and events to ensure that their dogs meet the breed standard. Lastly, a good breeder will carefully select homes for their puppies, making sure that each pup is placed in a family that can provide it with the love and care it needs.

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