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Puppy Clothes and Accessories

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

Puppies are cute, cuddly, playful and adorable. They love to play and run around and are always happy to see their owners. However, puppies also shed a lot. It's normal for puppies to shed between 50 and 100 times a year.

Puppy Clothes and Accessories

If you're looking for puppy clothing that won't get ruined by frequent shedding then you've come to the right place. Here are 10 pieces of puppy clothing and accessories that are perfect for both dogs and puppies alike.

1. Doggy Bags

Dogs can be messy creatures so it makes sense that they would need something to carry all those things in. A dog bag is just what your pup needs. These bags have lots of pockets inside them which make it easy for your pooch to keep his or her belongings safe while on walks.

2. Leashes

A leash should never leave home without its owner. If you don't want your pet wandering off into traffic or getting lost, then this piece of equipment will help prevent any mishaps from happening. You'll find many different types of leashes available at most stores including retractable ones.

3. Collars

Collar tags are an important part of every dog's life because they allow us to identify our pets when we go out walking. Some collars even include bells attached to them so that if your dog wanders too far away he or she will let you know where they went.

4. Carriers

Carrier pouches are great for taking your dog with you wherever you may be going. This way there isn't much chance of him or her escaping as long as you use one that has tight-fitting openings. Many carriers feature handles so that you can easily pick up your dog whenever necessary.

5. Toys

Toys aren't only good for playing with but they are also very useful for keeping your dog occupied during car rides. There are plenty of toys available online and in store that are made specifically for dogs.

6. Food Bowls

Your dog deserves some quality time eating food each day. Having bowls that fit well over your dog's head means that he or she doesn't have to worry about spilling anything on themselves. The best thing about these bowls is that they look like hats so your dog looks super stylish while enjoying his meal!

7. Tote Bag

Totes are convenient items that can hold everything from groceries to clothes and more. Your dog can benefit from having his own tote bag since it allows him to take whatever he wants with him everywhere he goes.

8. Pet Bed

Pet beds are ideal for sleeping areas. Dogs tend to sleep better when they feel comfortable and cozy. With a bed such as this, your dog will enjoy relaxing after a hard days work.

9. Blankets

Blankets are essential for cold weather months. Not only do blankets provide warmth but they protect against drafts and other elements that might harm your dog.

10. Stroller/Basket Carrier

Strollers are wonderful tools for carrying babies around town. Nowadays strollers are being used to transport small animals instead. This carrier features two large compartments that are designed to accommodate larger breeds of dogs.

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